Technical Specifications

The Sony PlayStation consists of the following hardware components:

  • LSI CoreWare CW33300 (CPU, MIPS R3000A) @ 33.8688MHz (44100 * 768hz)
  • Geometry Transformation Engine (GTE) installed as CPU coprocessor 2
  • Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) @ 53.2224MHz (44100 * 768 * 11 / 7hz)
  • Sound Processing Unit (SPU) @ 44100hz
  • Macroblock Decoder (MDEC) for video
  • Double-speed CD-ROM drive supporting mode 2, CD-DA and CD-XA audio


The CPU is mostly a standard MIPS R3000A core, but with a few notable changes:

  • The floating-point unit (FPU), which is normally installed as CPU coprocessor 1, has been removed
  • A custom GTE coprocessor was added, which acts as a sort of fixed-function vertex engine for the PS1
  • The Translation Lookaside Buffer (TLB) functionality, used for virtual memory support, has been removed
  • The data cache tag memory has been removed, and data cache can only operate in scratchpad mode


The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is a custom chip developed by Toshiba. It features:

  • 1MB of VRAM (forming a 1024x512 16-bit framebuffer)
  • mask bit
  • 24-bit to 15-bit dithering
  • four alpha-blending modes
  • gouraud shading
  • 15-bit and 24-bit color output
  • interlacing support
  • 4-bit, 8-bit, 15-bit and 24-bit texture support